Welcome BOS members and all interested in birding Western New York and Southeastern Ontario!

photo of Eastern Kingbird fledglings
Eastern Kingbird fledglings - Photo by Sue Barth ©

It's nesting season!

The Buffalo Ornithological Society (BOS) has something to offer to anyone passionate about birds: from the backyard feeder- watcher, the avid lister or the environmental activist, to the dedicated citizen scientist or the professional ornithologist. Society activities include regular programs, field trips, intensive long-term bird counts, checklist and date guide development, varied research activities, and involvement in local conservation efforts.  We invite you to join in the activities of the society!

The Buffalo Ornithological Society, Inc.  was established in 1929 to promote the study of the birds of the Niagara Frontier Region.  Annual grants are awarded by the BOS to fund member-sponsored avian research projects. We are proud of our extensive scientific research databases, our continuing involvement in environmental and conservation activities that impact birds, and our promotion of the enjoyment of ornithology.

The BOS coverage area includes western New York and parts of nearby Ontario, Canada. This region is rich in bird life with over 380 species and 25 recognizable subspecies of birds recorded. Explore our site to learn more about where to report and find birds, both regional specialties and rare visitors.

Upcoming Field Trips and Events

Several field trips, meetings, and events have recently been added to our calendar.  Take a look and be sure to join us at a meeting or on one of our field trips!

July 31st:  Shorebirds Field Trip - Join Doug Happ along the NE shore of Lake Erie to seek out migrant shorebirds. Rock Point Provincial Park has treated viewers to regionally rare species like Red Knot, Western Sandpiper and Willet in years past. After Rock Point, we will continue on to the nearby sod farms to search for 'grasspipers' that prefer this different habitat. Last year, a Piping Plover graced this sod farm!

Be prepared to walk over rocky, exposed lake bed when at Rock Point as well as a staircase down to the shore. Bring drinks and a lunch as there aren't amenities other than bathrooms within the park.

Aug 28th:  Shorebirds Field Trip Part 2 - Join Doug Happ again along the NE shore of Lake Erie to seek out migrant shorebirds. We'll follow the same agenda as the July 31st trip and hope for some new migrant shorebirds!

BOS Happenings:

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