BOS Field Trips and Events

Field Trip - Canadian Shoreline of Lake Erie - Shorebirds

Date: 8/27/2017

Location: Rock Point Provincial Park (map)

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Meet at 7am at the corner of Vermont St and Busti in Buffalo.

***Proper identification required to cross the border into Canada! There is an entrance fee for this park.

Join Doug Happ along the NE shore of Lake Erie to seek out migrant shorebirds. Rock Point has treated viewers to regionally rare species like Red Knot, Western Sandpiper and Willet in years past. Orchard Orioles have bred in this park and may still be present during the August trip. We will hopefully cross paths with migrant warblers as well! After Rock Point, we will continue on to the nearby sod farms to search for 'grasspipers' that prefer this different habitat. Whimbrel and Piping Plover have graced this sod farm in previous years. Be prepared to walk over rocky, exposed lake bed when at Rock Point as well as a staircase down to the shore. Bring drinks and a lunch as there aren't amenities other than bathrooms within the park.

Leader: Doug Happ (

Field Trip - Fort Erie Hotspots

Date: 9/3/2017

Location: Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada (map)

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Leader: Marcie Jacklin
Meet at 8am in the parking lot at the south end of Crescent Road. From here we can carpool if necessary.

This trip will focus on southbound migrants, both passerines and shorebirds. The north shore of Lake Erie just west of Buffalo has many great little migrant traps and Marcie knows them well. This trip will probably visit Jaeger Rocks (near historic Old Fort Erie), the foot of Kraft Road and the rocky shore at Windmill Point. There is also a woodlot where the old Erie Beach Casino used to stand, now a communal roost of Red-headed Woodpeckers stages here before migrating south and we hope to enjoy their company!

Remember to bring proper identification to cross the border!

Field Trip - Purple Martin Fall Roost Site Field Trip

Date: 9/9/2017

Location: Buckhorn Island State Park (map)

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At 6:45 PM, the BOS and the NYS Purple Martin Project are leading a Purple Martin Fall Roost Site Field Trip. The event is at Buckhorn Island State Park on Grand Island, NY (map link below).

Meet at the large parking lot on East-West Park Rd. Thousands of martins typically congregate before going to roost in the reed bed in the Niagara River. Join us and see this exciting event!

Directions: For people coming from points south: take the Long Road exit on the northbound 190. This exit will take you to Grand Island Blvd. Turn left and drive 100 feet or so to the 4-way stop. This is the intersection of Long Rd and Grand Island Blvd. At this 4-way stop, turn right onto Long Rd. Take Long Rd all the way to Baseline and turn left onto Baseline. Take Baseline to East River Rd and turn left. Find the large parking lot on the north side of East River Rd.

A non-strenuous, short walk is required. NOTE: There are no restroom facilities available at Buckhorn Island State Park. Leader Celeste Morien (585) 721-8202;

This link provides a map of the park showing the reed bed we will be viewing in the Niagara River:

Buckhorn Island BCA Map

Field Trip - Times Beach and the Seaway Slip

Date: 9/10/2017

Location: Buffalo Outer Harbor (map)

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Leader: Jajean Rose-Burney

Meet at 8am in the Times Beach Parking Lot next to Wilkeson Point Park.

Join Jajean for a stroll through the wood lot at Times Beach Preserve. There are several blinds that look out over the pond and cattail marsh as well as an elevated boardwalk through the Cottonwood trees. This is a gem of a preserve and has a long list of rarities that have been discovered here over the years. This will be a half day trip looking for fall migrants.

After walking Times Beach, the group will drive over to the Seaway Slip and look specifically for migrant Black-bellied and American Golden-Plovers. The short grass field here has been fairly reliable for these species over the last few years.


Date: 9/13/2017

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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September 13: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

There will be a short presentation from the talented Kevin Rybczynski on learning or improving your digi-scoping or digi-binning skills!

Also, bring along your favorite summer stories and photos to share with other members!

Field Trip - Tifft Nature Preserve

Date: 9/24/2017

Location: Tifft Nature Tifft Nature Preserve (map)

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Leader - Joe Mitchell
Meet at 8am at the footbridge just past the Visitor's Center.

Tifft is one of Buffalo's premier birding hotspots. With over 200 species recorded at this urban preserve, we are sure to end up with a great checklist for the day. Tifft includes ponds, cattail marsh, riparian areas and a grassland. The trails are level and easily walkable and there are also short boardwalk sections. At this time of year we will be focusing on Neotropical migrants and there's always a chance at Virginia Rail along the boardwalk. If water levels are low in the marsh, we will hope to cross paths with shorebirds.

Field Trip - Batavia WWTP

Date: 10/8/2017

Location: Batavia Wastewater Treatment Plant, Batavia, NY

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Leader: Doug Beattie
Meet at 9am outside the admin building.

Join Doug for a drive through this freshwater treatment complex. This is an easy drive with little walking involved through one of the best rarity magnets in the region! The list of fabulous birds found here in the past include Piping Plover, Northern Wheatear, Tufted Duck and Bohemian Waxwing! This is also THE place to catch up with the locally rare Eared Grebe. This species has been reliable at this location for many years and we will make a concerted effort to find one. Another bird that seems to show up here with regularity is Red-necked Phalarope.

At the very least, we should enjoy flocks of dabbling ducks with numbers of Ruddy Duck and Northern Shoveler peaking this time of year.


Date: 10/11/2017

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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October 11: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

This month's topic will be presented by Brent Stephenson.

Brent Stephenson PhD (Ornithology).
Brent was born in New Zealand and has been a birder since childhood. In 2005 he completed a goal he had from a young age, with the conclusion of his Ph.D., studying the breeding biology of Australasian gannets in New Zealand. This further heightened his interest in seabirds, and in 2003, along with Sav Saville, he rediscovered the “extinct” New Zealand storm-petrel, a bird known previously from only three museum specimens collected during the 1800s. With support from National Geographic, he led a team conducting further research on this enigmatic seabird. His passion for travel, birds, and the ocean has led him to many corners of the world working on small Expedition ships. It’s a great way of seeing remote and inaccessible places and their wildlife. Brent has traveled to many parts of the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, including Australia, Solomons, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, French Polynesia, China, Americas, and Africa, and worked on ships in many of these places.

His passion and knack for wildlife photography has led to increasing publication of photos and articles in books and magazines, both within New Zealand and overseas.

In his “spare time”, while home in New Zealand, Brent conducts ecological research, conservation work, and co-owns and runs Wrybill Birding Tours, NZ.

He lives near Napier on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, and recently completed Birds of New Zealand: A Photographic Guide.

October Bird Count

Date: 10/14/2017

Location: BOS Count Area

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Saturday, October 14th.

All BOS members are encouraged to participate in the October Bird Count.

For more information or to volunteer your help, visit our October Count webpage:

October Count Info  

Field Trip - Lake Ontario Plain

Date: 10/28/2017

Location: Route 78 and Route 104 (map)

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Lake Ontario Plain Field Trip for fall migrants.

Meet at 8 AM at Tops Market in Wright's Corners. This is on the east side of Route 78 and Route 104, north of Lockport.

Leader: Willie D'Anna 751-3637 or

This trip is a car caravan of sorts, plying the rural roads of Niagara County in search of late fall migrants. Every year is different but with all of the fields and open space habitat we will check it is reasonable to see Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, and possibly early winter arrivals such as Northern Shrike and Rough-legged Hawk. Horned Larks should be added to the day's list as well.
A few stops along the Lake Ontario shore lookouts should produce Horned Grebe and several species of scoters and other diving ducks.

NYSOA Annual Conference

Date: 11/10/2017

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Niagara Falls New York (map)

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The BOS is proud to host the 2017 Annual NYSOA Conference! This 3-day event (Nov. 10-12) will be centered in Niagara Falls, NY during peak gull season. Don't wait...go to our Home Page and register now! Whether you live in or out of town, treat yourself to an overnight stay at the brand new Doubletree by Hilton hotel with views of the Niagara River just upstream from Goat Island! The hotel is offering a fantastic rate for NYSOA attendees!

Friday evening, our guest speaker will be Paul Guris; owner and operator of See Life Paulagics. Paul has been organizing and leading pelagic trips for several decades from Hatteras, NC to Long Island, NY. Paul will be focusing on the birds of the NY pelagic zone and his lively stories will be decorated with many photographs.

Social hour in the Grand Ballroom will preclude Paul's presentation and a buffet dinner. The Birder's Marketplace will be open for business Friday afternoon. Shop our various vendors for artwork, optics and even book a future birding trip with one of our several tour operators.

Check-in begins on Friday afternoon. Please see the BOS website for online registration. Hotel accommodations can also be booked through the website to get a special rate of $104/night at the brand new Doubletree by Hilton, across from Goat Island in Niagara Falls.

NYSOA Annual Conference

Date: 11/11/2017


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Saturday will feature many field trips in the WNY region. The Birder's Marketplace will be open most of the day. The marketplace will feature tour groups, Nikon optics dealer, artists and several non-profit organizations. Research paper sessions will be presented in a satellite room.

The Saturday evening speaker is Neil Hayward who will present on his Accidental Big Year! Do not miss this exciting rendition of Neil's adventures which landed him a whopping 749 species and broke the ABA record.

Social hour and a sit-down dinner in the Grand Ballroom will preclude Neil's presentation.

NYSOA Annual Conference

Date: 11/12/2017


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Departure field trips will be running this morning. Choose your trip based on your route home. We will be offering options to fit everyone's travel plans. Box lunches are available through the hotel and can be ordered through our online registration form through the BOS website.


Date: 12/13/2017

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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December 13th: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

Presentation by Wendy Paterson:
Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the quality and quantity of water, while connecting people to water. We do this by cleaning up pollution from our waterways, restoring fish and wildlife habitat, and enhancing public access through greenways that expand parks and open space.

We will be holding our Annual Holiday Celebration so please bring a treat to share and enjoy an evening of birding friendship. We will also elect officers for the year 2018.

Meeting - "Rarity Roundup!"

Date: 1/10/2018

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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January 10th: Wednesday at 7:00 PM. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Alec Humann/Sue Barth
Our 3rd Annual Rarity Roundup!

A slideshow of photos and stories will be presented by BOS members that will include some of the rarities seen in the BOS study area in 2017! If you have photos and stories of any rarities you saw in 2017, please email the photo(s) to Sue Barth at: or Alec Humann at:


Date: 2/14/2018

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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Feb 14th: Wednesday at 7:00 PM. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Jajean Rose-Burney WNY Land Conservancy will focus on the Western New York Land Conservancy, our work to protect wildlife habitat, especially that of birds.


Date: 3/14/2018

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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March 14th: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

Topic to be determined.


Date: 4/11/2018

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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April 11th: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

Wayne Schacher: Follow up and expansion from last April’s presentation Tennessee Habitat Restoration.


Date: 5/9/2018

Location: Buffalo Museum of Science (map)

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May 9th: Wed. BOS Meeting in the Cummings Room of the Buffalo Museum of Science at 7:00 PM.

Topic to be determined.

Annual June Picnic

Date: 6/13/2018

Location: Tifft Nature Preserve (map)

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June 13th: Wednesday.

The Annual June Picnic will be held at Tifft Nature Preserve (off Furman Blvd.). The picnic will be followed by a short field trip of Tifft Nature Preserve. Bring your own food and we will eat at 6:00 PM near the Visitor Center.