BOS Membership: Join Us!

Anyone with an interest in wild birds and associated scientific and social activities is encouraged to attend Buffalo Ornithological Society meetings or field trips and to apply for membership.

Upon joining the BOS, members receive the following benefits:

  • A local birding checklist of birds in the BOS area
  • The BOS Verification Date Guide
  • A subscription to the Society's monthly publication, The Prothonotary

    Check out a past issue of The Prothonotary:   Prothonotary: May, 2015

  • The option to subscribe to our automated telephone Rare Bird "One Call Hotline" to receive immediate notification of rare birds that have been sighted in the BOS study area
  • The option to create an online user account to the BOS website to access member-only online resources and media

There is one thing we ask our members in return: please participate in our BOS counts!

photo of BOS members on a field trip
Photo by Brian Morse ©

How New Members Can Join the BOS


Joining the BOS is easy! Just go to our Registration page and fill out the online Membership Application Form. Pay for membership fees using PayPal - it's quick, easy, and safe! Our Registration page has all the information you need to apply for membership.

 BOS Member Registration Page  

By Mail:

You can also choose to print a pdf copy of our Membership Application Form and send that by US Mail along with your check. (Instructions on where to mail your application and check are included on the pdf application form and also on our Registration page.)

 BOS Membership Application  

Existing Members

If you are already a BOS member but you haven't created your website member account yet, you can create your online account here: Member Account page. Your website member account will give you access to the member-only resources and media on our website.

 BOS Member Web Account