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Immature Little Blue Heron - photo by Alec Humann

Scoping August

Shorebird migration is in full swing this month. Juvenile shorebirds are arriving in the region and some of the better locations to look include Tifft Nature Preserve, Gallagher Beach, Times Beach, Wilkeson Pointe, Dunkirk Harbor, Tonawanda WMA and Modern Wetlands.

Neotropical migrants are also moving in decent numbers - check Forest Lawn Cemetery, Tifft Nature Preserve and other migrant traps. Late August is the best time to find a Golden-winged Warbler. Yellow Warblers are moving in huge numbers this month.

At the end of the month, Purple Martins are amassing in the thousands off the north end of Buckhorn Island SP in their communal roost. It's recommended to arrive an hour before sunset to observe the massive flock of birds as they congregate above the cattail island. Blackbirds also roost here this time of year and Common Nighthawks patrol the late summer skies.

This is also the time of year for southern wading birds to occasionally disperse north so keep an eye out for southern herons, egrets and ibis.

The Buffalo Ornithological Society, Inc. (BOS) was established in 1929 to promote the study of the birds of the Niagara Frontier Region. Annual grants are awarded by the BOS to fund member-sponsored avian research projects. We are proud of our extensive scientific research databases, our continuing involvement in environmental and conservation activities that impact birds, and our promotion of the enjoyment of ornithology.

The BOS coverage area includes Western New York and parts of nearby Ontario, Canada. This region is rich in bird life with over 380 species and 25 recognizable subspecies of birds recorded. Explore our site to learn more about where to report and find birds, both regional specialties and rare visitors.

The Buffalo Ornithological Society has something to offer to anyone passionate about birds: from the backyard feeder- watcher, the avid lister or the environmental activist, to the dedicated citizen scientist or the professional ornithologist. Society activities include regular programs, field trips, intensive long-term bird counts, checklist and date guide development, varied research activities, and involvement in local conservation efforts. We invite you to join in the activities of the society!

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  Upcoming Field Trips and Events

For a full list of our upcoming field trips, meetings, and events, visit our calendar page. You don't have to be a member to join our field trips or meetings! (Note that meetings run from September through June.)

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Aug 12, 2022   (Friday)

Pop-Up Field Trip - Cinnamon Marsh, Tonawanda WMA

Details: (click for more info)

Joel is leading a repeat field trip…this coming Friday again at Cinnamon Marsh!
Leader - Joel Strong, joelstrong78@yahoo.com, (727) 519-4043

This is a 'pop-up' style trip being led by Joel Strong on Friday, August 12. Meet at 6:30pm at the Meadville Road gate for Cinnamon Marsh on the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area (TWMA). The evening time for this field trip is to take advantage of better lighting conditions.

See the pin drop above for parking location. All parking will be roadside as there is no lot.

The water level at Cinnamon Marsh has been drawn down this year and has started attracting southbound migrant shorebirds. Additionally, waders, waterfowl, terns and other species are likely. Late summer is also the time of year when southern strays have shown up…Glossy Ibis, Snowy Egret, and Black-bellied Whistling-Duck have all been documented at this time of year within the Iroquois NWR complex. Here is a recent checklist from Joel and Willie D’anna… https://ebird.org/atlasny/checklist/S115895363

Keep in mind that you will want to bring your scope if you have one and bug spray…long, light-weight pants are also a good idea!

Photo of a Lesser Yellowlegs by Rob Sielaff 7/31/22 at Cinnamon Marsh.

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Sep 14, 2022   (Wednesday)

Meeting - Members Night!

Details: (click for more info)

Buffalo Museum of Science

Meet at 7 pm in the Cummings Room.

Our first meeting back after summer break. Members...please bring photos from your summer travels to share with the rest of us.

Also looking to sign members up for the October bird count; whether as compilers or volunteers within the sections. Please help us improve our coverage from last year.

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Sep 17, 2022   (Saturday)

Field Trip - Woodlawn Beach SP

Details: (click for more info)

3580 Lake Shore Rd, Blasdell, NY 14219


Leader - Seaghan Coleman (seaghanc@gmail.com) 716-435-7753

Meet at 730am in the main parking lot.

Join Seaghan this morning as our group seeks out migrants during the busy month of September. Even without a good cold front, migrants are moving through the region nightly and you never know what the day might bring.
With its range of diverse habitats, Woodlawn offers respite to weary winged travelers in the form of sand beach, riparian woods, open lake, grassy dunes and a creek! Neotropical migrants may entertain us in the woods while various sandpipers use the beach to pick through the high water mark for food. Gull flocks that loaf on the beach may offer up more unusual species such as Lesser Black-backed or Little.
Woodlawn regularly supplies the BOS statisticians with review species. Among them are gems such as Piping Plover, American Avocet, Blue Grosbeak, White-eyed Vireo and Cave Swallow.
This will be a half day trip wrapping up around 11:30. Wear footwear appropriate for walking through grassy trails and loose sand.

This female Hooded Warbler was photographed by Sue Barth at Woodlawn Beach SP on September 4, 2021.

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