Welcome BOS members and all interested in birding Western New York and Niagara Peninsula of Ontario!

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Immature Little Blue Heron - photo by Alec Humann

Scoping August

Shorebird migration is in full swing this month. Juvenile shorebirds are arriving in the region and some of the better locations to look include Tifft Nature Preserve, Gallagher Beach, Times Beach, Wilkeson Pointe, Dunkirk Harbor, Tonawanda WMA and Modern Wetlands.

Neotropical migrants are also moving in decent numbers - check Forest Lawn Cemetery, Tifft Nature Preserve and other migrant traps. Late August is the best time to find a Golden-winged Warbler. Yellow Warblers are moving in huge numbers this month.

At the end of the month, Purple Martins are amassing in the thousands off the north end of Buckhorn Island SP in their communal roost. It's recommended to arrive an hour before sunset to observe the massive flock of birds as they congregate above the cattail island. Blackbirds also roost here this time of year and Common Nighthawks patrol the late summer skies.

This is also the time of year for southern wading birds to occasionally disperse north so keep an eye out for southern herons, egrets and ibis.

The Buffalo Ornithological Society, Inc. (BOS) was established in 1929 to promote the study of the birds of the Niagara Frontier Region. Annual grants are awarded by the BOS to fund member-sponsored avian research projects. We are proud of our extensive scientific research databases, our continuing involvement in environmental and conservation activities that impact birds, and our promotion of the enjoyment of ornithology.

The BOS coverage area includes Western New York and parts of nearby Ontario, Canada. This region is rich in bird life with over 380 species and 25 recognizable subspecies of birds recorded. Explore our site to learn more about where to report and find birds, both regional specialties and rare visitors.

The Buffalo Ornithological Society has something to offer to anyone passionate about birds: from the backyard feeder- watcher, the avid lister or the environmental activist, to the dedicated citizen scientist or the professional ornithologist. Society activities include regular programs, field trips, intensive long-term bird counts, checklist and date guide development, varied research activities, and involvement in local conservation efforts. We invite you to join in the activities of the society!

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  Tagged Great Egrets - Sightings Request

About a month ago, we banded approximately 100 young flightless Great Egrets at colonies in Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) and in eastern Lake Ontario. The young birds are probably now flying and dispersing throughout southern Ontario. They are banded with field readable red plastic leg bands with white characters. Each bird has two bands on the left leg, one above and one below the "knee" joint. The characters have the format of number-number-letter, e.g. 24T. If you see (or photograph) one of these birds, please send me the characters (or the photo) and the date and location of the sighting....and your name and contact details. I will then send you the banding details.

Many Thanks,
Chip Weseloh

  Upcoming Field Trips and Events

For a full list of our upcoming field trips, meetings, and events, visit our calendar page. You don't have to be a member to join our field trips or meetings! (Note that meetings run from September through June.)

Sep 08, 2019

Field Trip - Times Beach and Tifft Nature Preserve

Details: (click for more info)

NOTE: Date changed from Saturday, the 14th to Sunday, the 8th

Leader - Jajean Rose Burney
C: (716) 247-1255
E: jajean.rose@gmail.com
Meet at 730 am at the entrance to Times Beach Nature Preserve.

Today we will begin at Times Beach where extensive habitat restoration has been going on for a few years now. Least Bitterns have been nesting here and a Loggerhead Shrike stopped by on September 1, 2017! This preserve is a classic hotspot located on the Outer Harbor just south of downtown Buffalo.

After birding Times Beach, the group will continue down Fuhrman Blvd to Tifft Nature Preserve.

Tifft is one of Buffalo's premier birding hotspots. With over 250 species recorded at this urban preserve, we are sure to end up with a great checklist for the day. Tifft includes ponds, cattail marsh, riparian areas and a grassland. The trails are level and easily walk-able and there are also short boardwalk sections.

At this time of year we will be focusing on Neotropical migrants and there's always a chance at Virginia Rail along the boardwalk. If water levels are low in the marsh, we will hope to cross paths with shorebirds.

Sep 11, 2019

Meeting - Member’s Night!

Details: (click for more info)

Meet at 7 pm in the Cummings Room.

Our first meeting back after summer break. Members...please bring photos from your summer travels to share with the rest of us. The BOS Travel Trip to Cape May in August will definitely be featured...a legendary pelagic on glass-calm water, 13 White-faced Storm-Petrels, Whales and more!
Also looking to sign members up for the October bird count; whether as compilers or volunteers within the sections. Please help us improve our coverage from last year.

Sep 13, 2019

72nd Annual NYSOA Meeting

Details: (click for more info)

This year's annual NYSOA convention will be held at The Catskill Center, in collaboration with the John Burroughs Natural History Society in the Hudson Valley
September 13-15, 2019.
The keynote speaker is Nathan Pipelow,
author of the Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of
Eastern North America. Details to follow.
Registration opens in the spring!

Sep 14, 2019

72nd annual NYSOA Meeting

Details: (click for more info)

Sep 15, 2019

72nd annual NYSOA Meeting

Details: (click for more info)

Sep 22, 2019

Field Trip - Marcy Woods; Port Colbourne, Ontario

Details: (click for more info)

This is a SUNDAY field trip!
Leader - Marcie Jacklin
(905) 341-6664
Meet at 730am at the back of the Sobey’s parking lot at 450 Garrison Road, Ft Erie, Ontario. Park and meet closer to Garrison Road .

Join Marcie Jacklin at the famous Marcy Woods along the north shore of Lake Erie just west of Point Abino. Mid September is a prime time of year to intercept southbound migrants...shorebirds, passerines and raptors. We should see a nice assortment of warblers and vireos. If the winds are northerly, we will delight in migrant raptors as well - American Kestrels, Broad-Winged and Sharp-shinneds, to name a few. The ancient treed sand dunes that punctuate this picturesque property are impressive in their own right and worth the trip alone...but then you add the birds!
This will be a half day trip so bring a cooler with drinks, a few snacks and bug spray (just in case). Remember, you will need a valid passport, NEXUS card or enhanced driver’s license to cross the border. Please contact Marcie if you plan to attend so that she can look for you at the meeting location!

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