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Costa Rica Intro Tour 2021-2022

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BOS Costa Rica birding trip during January 2021 - February 2022. The third Costa Rica trip kicked off on January 24 for 10 BOS members. This year's itinerary included several boat trips in the Cano Negro region which is an extensive wetland in the northern region of the country along the Nicaraguan border. We also visited favored locations from the 2020 tours including Arenal Observatory Lodge, Cerro Lodge, Cope's incredible backyard and the fantastical Hummingbird Café! This trip ended up with a total of 418 species including such birds as Jabiru Stork, Crested and Black-and-White Owls, Rufescent Tiger-Heron, 35 species of hummingbirds, Sungrebe, both Great and Common Potoos and a family of Collared Plovers!