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Photo albums submitted by BOS members are below. These albums feature BOS field trips, events, and special bird sightings that our members have seen. We hope you enjoy them!     (BOS Members: you'll need to LOGIN, then find the link on your member homepage to add your photos.)

Ecuador 2023

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Eight BOS members embarked on an incredible birding trip to Ecuador in late February 2023. Our trip spanned two weeks and netted close to 500 species of birds SEEN! Highlights included 9 Andean Condors in a day with a lunchtime Aplomado Falcon, 10 species of Antpittas seen at various feeder set-ups, Torrent Duck pair with a days-old duckling, Cock-of-the-Rock lek, hand-feeding hummingbirds, Oilbird, Harpy Eagle, 67 species of hummingbirds, Hoatzin, 11 species of Toucans, displaying Purple-throated Fruitcrows and so much more! Enjoy our photos!