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Photo albums submitted by BOS members are below. These albums feature BOS field trips, events, and special bird sightings that our members have seen. We hope you enjoy them!     (BOS Members: you'll need to LOGIN, then find the link on your member homepage to add your photos.)

Roger Tory Peterson Institute field trip

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Thirteen BOS members met in Jamestown on the morning of March 17 to indulge in a behind-the-scenes tour of the RTPI. Twan Leenders, the director of The Institute, took us into the vaults to see many of Roger's original paintings, study skin and egg collections, personal belongings and so much more. It was a cold but brilliantly sunny morning and The Institute was the perfect place to enjoy it. After our tour, the group met at Havana Cuban Cafe in Jamestown and enjoyed authentic food prepared by Reuben Hernandez along with his brother and mom. Fantastic Cuban sandwiches and more makes this a 'don't miss' the next time you get to Jamestown. Unfortunately our birding stops planned for Chautauqua Lake and Dunkirk Harbor thwarted by the 11-degree temperature the night before; all previously open water was refrozen and the waterfowl had moved out. Thank you to all who participated!